May Newsletter

Hello, Savage Life Fitness members!

Wow, what a month! We wanted to see how shredded we could get in April and boy, did it work. A lot of our athletes sacrificed their sugar, starches and alcohol intake to see how many pounds of body fat they could shed in a month. We lost over 100 pounds as a group! Remember, as a member of Savage Life Fitness and/or a resident of Capitol Towers you are qualified for my complementary ebook, The Savage Diet. We’ve helped so many people lose 50+ pounds that we stopped counting. Simply put, it works. Email me at for your complementary book.
This month we had 8 athletes test into the “optimal” category for athletic performance. This means that they can perform at a world class level. Every pound of fat they have on their bodies is working for them. These people literally are on the level of Olympic and professional athletes. Congrats to our overall champion, Gustavo, who was at 5% body fat! I guess soccer pays off after all. Close behind was former gymnast Jon and world record holder in push ups Fiona, who were at 8% body fat each. In case you were curious, we do not adjust for age or sex. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to account for visceral fat when the only thing people care about is how they look in the mirror. For reference, Fiona would be at 14% if we had converter based upon her being female, but we don’t really see the need for that at Savage Life Fitness. They measure identically on the body fat millimeter chart. Also joining the top 3 in the optimal category are Aletha, a soccer player, and Maria, another world record holder, at 9% body fat. Last but not least was Matt at 10% body fat. Everyone who made this category got a free shirt!!

Speaking of, the new gym shirts are in! Join us May 21st for the Savage Life Fitness potluck. We will be promoting a whole lot of new athletes to new belt levels and if you get promoted you get a free shirt. Belt levels are awarded based upon class attendance and overall athletic performance either in class or at race events, like Spartan, Tough Mudder, or Eppie’s Great Race. If you hit the podium in one of these races, you better show up or I will be keeping your free shirt! If you preordered, stop by the gym anytime or email me for your shirt.

In addition, we had 19 gym members become athletes! This means that they can perform at an elite level athletically. While they aren’t necessarily as shredded as the optimal category, they still look and perform like most people envision their “after” pics. Congrats! In order, pro fighter Nick is at 12%; Pierce, Jeremy and Arturo are at 13%; Natasha, Victoria, Alicia and Ashley got down to 14%; Kate, Elizabeth, Donna, Esmerelda, John, Jimmy, Oscar, Glory, Mari, Jasmine and yours truly, Chris Savage, all got down to 15%. Congrats again!
Last, but certainly not least, we have a special shout out to our top body fat losers! These people were either able to give up alcohol, starches or sugar for a big part of April. Laura and Maria tied for the most millimeters lost at 12 each. That equates to about 3% dropped in one month! That’s really, really hard to do. Esmerelda and Alicia also qualify for a free gym shirt having lost 10 millimeters each, or about 2% body fat.
If you’re up for it, Team Savage is going to be running Tough Mudder June 10th here in Sacramento. Sign up using the link below:
Team Name: Savage
Password: Savage

It’s been a great month! See you all in class!!